Headquartered in Anaheim, California, Aquatic designs and manufactures fiberglass reinforced plastic, sheet molded compound, and acrylic bathtubs and showers. The company’s diverse product offering includes tubs and showers for everyday use, high end soaking and jetted tubs, and a line of ADA compliant tubs and showers. Aquatic is held in Fund III.

Headquartered in Buffalo, New York, Specified Air Solutions designs and manufactures specialty commercial and industrial HVAC equipment as well as industrial process and finishing equipment. The company’s diverse product offering is utilized in a range of niche market applications, primarily in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, vehicle service shops, educational facilities, commercial offices, energy terminals, chicken houses and retail establishments. Specified Air is held in Fund III.

Headquartered in Belton, Missouri, Safe Fleet provides safety-and productivity-oriented components to the emergency vehicle, truck and trailer, utility vehicle, school bus, and transit bus end markets. Safe Fleet was formed through the simultaneous acquisitions of ROM Corporation and Specialty Manufacturing in 2013. The company’s value-added products focus on enhancing worker safety and productivity and are characterized by their durability, reliability, and versatility in usage and application. Safe Fleet is held in Fund III.

B&G Crane Service specializes in providing fully operated and maintained crane services, heavy rigging and specialty hauling services in the Louisiana Gulf Coast region. The Company has approximately 200 employees, a 100+ fleet of cranes ranging from 8 to 800 tons in capacity and a truck fleet of over 50 vehicles. B&G holds a leading market position among petrochemical, refining and industrial customers within the Gulf Coast region. B&G is held in Fund II.

CST Industries, Inc. (CST) is a leading global manufacturer and erector of factory coated metal storage tanks. CST is the largest manufacturer of bolted tanks and glass-fused-to-steel tanks and also manufactures shop welded tanks, aluminum domes and covers and agricultural feed and waste storage systems. CST serves numerous end markets including water, wastewater, fire protection, oilfield, agriculture, industrial liquid, plastics, chemicals, minerals, food, construction materials and energy. CST’s manufacturing facilities are located in Parsons, Kansas; DeKalb, Illinois; Winchester, Tennessee; Rincon, Georgia; Conroe, Texas and the United Kingdom. The CST investment is held in Fund II.

Headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, Dexter is a leading designer and manufacturer of trailer axle, brake and suspension assemblies and related replacement parts used primarily in the industrial and utility trailer and RV markets in North America. Dexter is held in Fund III.

Express, headquartered in Tulsa, OK, is an independent manufacturer engaged in the engineering, design and fabrication of heat transfer, environmental compliance, and sound suppression equipment. The company primarily serves the power generation, refining, chemical, exploration and production, and mining industries. Its primary products include Once-Through Steam Generators, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Simple Cycle Catalyst Systems, Fired Heaters and Waste Heat Recovery Units. The Express investment is held in Fund II.

Headquartered in Worthington, Ohio, Liqui-Box is a leading supplier of bag-in-box flexible packaging to the global dairy, beverage and bulk food markets. Bag-in-box packaging is primarily used in the foodservice industry to package dairy mix for milkshakes and coffee drinks, fountain beverage syrup and pumpable liquid foods such as food concentrates and sauces. Liqui-Box also produces pouches and rigid plastic water bottles. The company’s product offering includes consumables, such as fitmented bags and pouch films, as well as filling machines. Liqui-Box is held in Fund III.

Saxco, headquartered in Horsham, PA, is the leading value-added distributor of rigid packaging products for the wine, spirits and craft beer markets in North America. With an operating history that spans more than seven decades, the company distributes glass bottles and other packaging products to a customer base of more than 2,000 wineries, distillers, brewers and specialty food manufacturers. These customers depend on Saxco to provide access to a broad selection of packaging products and services from a single-source at a lower total cost than they could achieve by buying direct from packaging and bottle manufacturers. The company has a broad network of sales offices and distribution facilities across the US, Canada and select international locations. The Saxco investment is held in Fund III.

Universal Fiber Systems, LLC (UFS), headquartered in Bristol, VA, is a leading niche manufacturer of high-performance, specialty synthetic fibers for niche segments of the commercial carpet, transportation carpet, and specialty textile industries. UFS acts as a strategic partner to its blue-chip customer base of leading commercial carpet manufacturers, Tier 1 automotive suppliers, and value-added textile manufacturers by supplying specialty yarn synthesized from nylon, polyester, and specialty polymers needed to produce a diverse range of unique end-products. The UFS investment is held in Fund II.